Something to Remember BEFORE Contacting Anina

It's unfortunate that I actually find myself NEEDING to post this.

It is only common courtesy to be considerate of one's time. First impressions are EVERYTHING. Please remember that I reciprocate the behavior & energy that I am given. If you do not want me to treat you or your time as if I could care less. Please do not inflict that behavior upon me. I PROMISE that I will not waste my time seeing you. I LOVE what I do & appreciate the utmost respect & courtesy that my established friends show me EVERYDAY. I WILL NOT allow anyone to fool around with my time. It is simply rude. 

I am 0 tolerance for same day cancellations and lateness over 10mins. Especially if this appointment has been set DAYS ahead. Which 98% of the time they are. I COMPLETELY understand that things happen & come up unexpectedly. However, if you know that you have a schedule that tends to be up & down, you are flying, or flying in not so great weather, etc, etc. PLEASE push your desired appointment out as far as possible or simply request a date that you know is completely predictable for you.

If we have set an appointment & you find that you will be late for whatever reason, let me know asap WITH the time that you will be arriving. Telling me that you're "not sure; no more than however mins; etc.", IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I will need THE ACTUAL TIME that you will be arriving. It is common courtesy & just rude & inconsiderate to leave someone in limbo. Not to mention a COMPLETE turn off which WILL affect our time. I cannot risk that, & will be forced to cancel our appointment.

This may seem absolutely ridiculous to some, but I think it is absolutely ridiculous & extremely rude to think that that kind of behavior is excused.

This post is targeted toward those of you lovely gents I have yet to meet. To you gents that have scheduled with me having your stuff together. I TOTALLY appreciate that. I put a lot of effort in all of my meetings. But I'm sure you can tell by our time together ;). I lOVE you guys!!!!!!

Forgive my bitchy tone. I am only human.