Arrangements & Sugar Daddies

Due to numerous requests & experiences. I have decided to add weekly & monthly arrangements to the menu! Arrangements are for those who would like me all to themselves in every way possible. Nothing wrong with being a little selfish!

So what exactly does this mean?

Well, arrangements are for those gents or sugar daddies who prefer to have me exclusively. Entering into an arrangement with me includes you having direct & endless access to me. You may call and hang out with me whenever you'd like! I'm all yours. You may set an arrangement weekly or monthly.

Weekly arrangement--Starts at $5,000 (locks you in for 5-7days.)

Monthly arrangement-$8,000 (locks you in for 30days.)

Allowances are to be paid  BEFORE the arrangement starts.

You MUST have spent 90mins with me before setting an arrangement.


Chemistry is essential to entering into an arrangement. I never enter into an arrangement with anyone I have not spent time with. We will use this meeting to get to know one another, discuss your desires for the course of the arrangement, as well as explore one another deeper. Feel free to contact for more info. Nothing explicit will be discussed.